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Thursday, December 8, 2011


Clyde is a standard schnauzer that we had for about a week before he was adopted. 

He is just under two and was pretty well behaved and a complete love sponge.  He came from a family with an aggressive older dog and they could no longer keep them together.  Our whole family loved this guy, but our giant schnauzer loved him most of all.  Clyde and Bella would play together for hours!

We only got a few pictures of him...

 The joke at our house was about the dark circles around his eyes, he always looked exhausted! 
Clyde, you look like you have not slept for weeks! Poor guy!!!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Anna (Walter's Sister)

On the same day Walter found a home, we found out that Anna, Walter's sister, had been at the animal hospital for the past month with no foster home.  We asked to take her home and foster her so she could start learning some manners and get socialized. 
Anna resembled Walter so much that the next morning I let her out of the crate with a "good morning Walter!", before remembering it wasn't Walter in there anymore.  :-(  Her behavior was drastically different from Walter's though.  It took Anna about two weeks to start acting like a pack-dog and we believe she was in "shell shock" from being in the kennels for a month.
Once her personality started to emerge we all feel in love with her, but for different reasons than with Walter.  She do funny things like scrape against the whole length of the walls as she walked down the hall.  She would sometimes do the most amazing feats of acrobatics while dog playing.  Anna would always ensure that all dog toys and shoes were equally distributed around the house. 

We could not be happier with the family that decided to adopt Annie.  True dog lovers who work hard to give their dogs a rich life.  She will love it there and we are happy to have been a stepping stone for her. 

Bye Anna!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Adoption Days

Last weekend our family attended a big pet adoption and blessing day.  Here are some random pictures from our wanderings.  Look at all those hopeful faces! 

AZ Schnauzer Rescue Booth


Our foster dog Annie, working her "adopt me" face.  She found a home and will be moving out in a couple of weeks!

Blessing of the animals

I was surprised to see several Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

Giant Schnauzer, not loving the heat

Harvey :-)

"Take me home" eyes anyone?

Great Pyrenees

Brittany Spaniel

St. Bernard


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Something Different

I have always been in love with the breed of Irish Wolfhound so when an opportunity came along to foster a wolfhound mix we had to say "yes please!".
McKell Said "I don't understand how he can be SO SCRUFFY and SO CUTE at the same time!"

This is Walter.  A Giant Schnauzer, Irish Wolfhound mix.  Isn't he great?
Walter, thinking hard
He was picked up with his litter mates as strays in Las Vegas.  Obviously the breeder was unable to sell them and decided to kick the whole litter of puppies to the streets.
Wally was sick with kennel cough and a VERY runny nose for two or three weeks and he spent a lot of time resting.
He was also underweight and we did our best to fatten him up with high calorie kibble and satin balls.
We really fell in love with Wally Walter McWalterson and had several family discussions on whether we should adopt him ourselves.  In the end, we decided the most responsible thing to do was to let him go so we could continue to foster.  My inner-child hates "being responsible".  I really wanted to keep this guy!  He always made me laugh.

Wally has been adopted by a great family in California.  We feel good about being able to turn his life around from starving homeless puppy to loved Cali beach dog.

(video of Wally badness)
If you have problems with the above video, you can view it directly here:

What is next? Well, I was heart-broken to hear that Walter's sister has not had a foster home and has been at the Vet's office this whole time.  So we took her home to love her up (sorry Gail). 
Her name is Anna, but today I am four years old so I call her "Not The Walter".

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tennessee Carter

This puppy came all the way over from Tennessee.  He was found abandoned, skinny and matted.  Our whole family fell in love with him right away.  His personality reminded us very much of Jayden (George). 
He only stayed with us for a week before moving in with his new family in Flagstaff.
His family was very excited to pick him up and I know they will all be better off for the adoption.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sneaker Tribute

An animation created by my daughter to honor sneaker and his panties... enjoy.

Monday, September 5, 2011


Trixie was a much loved schnauzer from a home who had to part with her due to severe health and allergy issues.  They were heart broken to have to give her to rescue (as was Trixie).  Our girls set to the task of loving her up and making her feel like part of our pack.
She is still young (under a year) but is a very well behaved puppy and has been a lot of fun in our home. 

In other news, Obi, our own mini-schnauzer is sick.  :-(  Poor guy.  He is going to the vets in the morning. 

Saturday, August 20, 2011


Sneaker is a very schnauzery schnauzer.  He is everything you would think of when you think mini-schnauzer.  He is cute and loveable, a little grumpy, expressive, quirky, playful and awesome. 

Sneaker was the victim of a divorce and was found starving and over heated in a foreclosed, empty house.  The neighbors heard him yelping for days and finally called the police.  Needless to say, the poor little guy had some major abandonment fears for the first week or two at our house.  If he was left in a room alone he would whine and yip non-stop and had a couple of bad nights getting used to his crate. 

He eventually gained his confidence back and settled down into a perfect pack member and we will be sad to see him go. 

Sneaker had to wear the "big cone" after his neutering and it left him with neck sores. 

We ditched the cone and had to come up with another solution. :-) 

Oh yes... Sneaker has a heck of an under-bite that makes him look tough. 

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Bob is already adopted!

Now we have Knut.  A fuzzy cuddle bear.  He is about two years old and his owner had failing health, was was hospitalized and could no longer care for him. 

First day

He is a shy little guy and it takes some effort to get him to warm up to you.   Once he does warm up he turns into velcro dog!

The Mini-Schnauzer Emerges

There was a schnauzer under there!

We already have a family in mind for Knut and think he will be a perfect fit.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Valley Girl

Due to some needed shuffling between foster homes, we were lucky enough to get Millie back after her spaying.  The operation was hard on her and she ended up having to go back and stay at the vets for 3 days.  After that it took some time for her to act more like herself, but her limping seemed to be getting worse.  We took her back to the vet and she tested positive for valley fever!  Poor girl.  She is now on medication and has been moved to a new foster home, who plans to adopt her once the valley fever treatment is complete.

We really loved Millie.  She would follow me everywhere, and I do mean everywhere:
Yes Master?

Yes Master?
Yes Master?

Yes Master?

My youngest daughter said "When I give Millie love, it feels like she is giving her love back to me".

We also made a great discovery with Millie for schnauzers that have never learned how to play with toys.  She had no interest in dog toys that require a bite to make them squeak, but we found a cat toy that taught her how to play.  It is a little mouse and it will squeak if bumped or moved.  That squeak brings out the terrier and Millie loved to play with it.

Millie is tiny by the way, here she is in scale with the rest of the pack.

The night before Millie moved to the new foster home, we picked up our next rescue schnauzer.  A handsome little guy named "Bob".

Friday, May 27, 2011


Returned from a week of work out of town to some BIG changes!

Travis is gone now, adopted by a family he was very happy to meet. Here the girls say goodbye to an awesome foster dog.
Below Travis is all fancied up and on his way to meet his new home.
Bye Trav, we love you!!!

Millie has also moved on to a new foster home. She made good progress while she was here. At first she was fearful of all of us but after a few days she turned into my Velcro dog. Anywhere I went, there was little Millie. She also loved the treadmill. She would do a slow pace for a good 30 minute. She moved to a new foster home that can help her continue to strengthen her legs and increase agility.
Millie has been replaced by another female named Simone. Simone has amazing coloring! She ruled the roost and needs to learn some manners and then she will be a beautiful, perfect family dog.

The other change is that while I was gone my wife adopted a new schnauzer for our very own. A GIANT schnauzer. She is 10 months old and we have not named her yet.