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We are an Arizona Schnauzer Rescue foster home with two parents, three kids, a schnauzer and most of the time a foster dog. Read about the rescued dogs and our experiences with them in this blog.
Please consider adopting or fostering a rescued schnauzer.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Jayden's New Home

We have been lucky enough to get a few updates from the Jayden's new home! We were relieved to hear he made the flight ok and was enjoying his new home, romping in the snow and sleeping by the fireplace.

Below are pictures from his new home. Look how cute and happy and content and HEALTHY he looks now. This puppy is what AZ Schnauzer Rescue is all about! We are pleased to be part of it.

Jayden's Recovery

Jayden had much to recover from: malnutrition, massive hair loss, open sores and so on. Initially we assumed the raw skin and sores were from lack of food and being out in the Phoenix sum all day but after some observation we changed our minds. We realized that he was scratching himself so often (nearly constant... even at night) that he was pulling out his own hair and making his own open sores.
Our first step was to give him socks so his claws could not do so much damage.

We worked with our vet and put him on antibiotics and anti-fungal medication as well as allergy and steroid to get him healed up. We ordered special puppy food for highly allergic dogs. All of this helped him heal up and his sores closed up and hair began growing back.
During this time we all fell in love with this guy. I can not describe his awesomeness in words. Even Obi was happy about having him around and they played almost non-stop. Below he is ready to pounce on Obi!
Our whole family began considering adopting this one ourselves. We loved him! Happy, cute, playful, well-behaved, funny, loving and stinky. Yeah... he had an odd odor from all of his skin problems but this slowly went away as he healed. Below he is looking much better than the first day we picked him up. Good hair growth and his body is starting to fill in a bit.

After 3 months of recovery time with us, Jayden was ready for adoption and a home was found for him in the eastern states. I admit... I was pretty nervous about sending this puppy on a plane ride to a complete stranger, but we were assured by AZ Schnauzer Rescue that this was an excellent home for him.

We still considered the idea of keeping Jayden, but we knew if we did this we would have to stop fostering other rescue dogs. We decided it was more important to continue helping the dogs in need. Take Jayden for example... if Shae had not been able to pick him up that day, he would have been put down. So.. we all agreed that letting him go was the best choice.

Here he is shortly before he left us. Fully integrated into our "pack". Also featured is my Dad, his schnauzer, Obi and two of my kids.

I'll admit that when Jayden left us, I cried. I cried my ugly cry. It took the whole family some time to "move on" and stop missing him so much.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Jayden Arrives

Another call and another dog pound rescue. This poor little puppy was picked up as a stray and was on the kill list for that day. Luckily, a worker there noticed he was part (probably 1/2) mini-schnauzer and called AZ Schnauzer Rescue.
My wife picked him up and took him home. He was so HAPPY to be out of the pound and to have food, water and a cool place to hang. This puppy was in need of help though. He had been a homeless puppy in the middle of the Phoenix summer. He was all skin, bones, sores and ticks... and only a little bit of hair.

but HAPPY to have a home!

Here you can see just how much hair loss he had and some of his sores.

We bathed him, put frontline on him for ticks and picked up some puppy food and began feeding him generously. I also picked up some antibiotic spray to clean his wounds and sores. It turned out to be a very effective way to train him and help the sores! Whenever he did something wrong, I would spray one of his wounds. He hated it!!! (poor guy) Jayden is SMART and eager to please. I could almost see his brain working, trying to figure out what he needed to do to make us pleased with him and once he did, he never did that bad thing again.
Because of this he was quickly house trained and fairly well behaved (for a puppy).

More on his recovery in the next post!


My wife received a call from AZ Schnauzer Rescue that the pound had a schnauzer on the kill list for the day and asked she could pick him up.
He was a pure white mini-schnauzer and probably about 9 years old, but still had a puppy face.

Since he was an "unknown", our kids named him Syrus.

That evening I put Syrus in the bathtub and washed him down with a good shampooing to get the dog pound smell off him.
As I was rinsing him off I thought "hey what is that dark thing in the water?" I grabbed it to look at it and WOAH! TICK!! At that point I checked out and called my wife in to do the rest of the dirty work. :-)
After the bath she did a search on him and found several more ticks, ticks in the bedding he had been using that day and on the walls in the room where he was. Since this was our first experience with ticks we called AZ Schnauzer Rescue for help and she gave us all the tips and "how to's". The entire evening was spent in tick eradication.

Other than the ticks, this guy had some other health issues as well. His poor teeth were in terrible shape, dark brown and decayed. Several of them had to be removed by the vet.
He also didn't seem to feel well as he spent most of his time resting.

We didn't have Syrus for long... maybe a week or two and then he was moved to a new foster home since we had 3 dogs at home with him.

We heard from AZ Schnauzer Rescue that he was later adopted to a good family.

Saturday, February 12, 2011


Mila was our first female schnauzer from AZ rescue. The kids were so excited to finally have a cute little girl schnauzer! She came to us a bit shaggy, but we could tell she had great coloring.

Mila had a great personality. She was always so excited to see us and be with us. She would do her "Mila happy dance" every time I came home from work. She was the first one there when I came in the door, doing her body-wiggle.
She was in good health and in good shape and was house broken and did well at nighttime. Her coat was shiny and very silver/gray once we got her cleaned up and trimmed down.

The only downside was that she was a bit "bossy" and liked to bark too much. She liked kids and people, but was very weary of other dogs. We worked with Mila quite a bit on her excessive barking and made good progress.

Mila was adopted by a great couple who fell in love with her right away (and vise-versa). I missed this one for a while after she left. I had grown attached to her "welcome home" dance and cuddling. We later saw her at the schnauzer picnic and she did her dance for each of us! We love it when we see our old foster dogs and they recognized us.

A bit random, but here I am trimming Obi's nails. We use a Dremmel. He doesn't like it.


These two were actually the catalyst for my freak-out about too many dogs in the house. AZ Schnauzer Rescue was very understanding about the situation and found them a new foster home the next day.
Even though we only had them for 1 night, my kids still count them as "our foster dogs".

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Derby came from a home where the owner worked long hours and Derby would get himself into trouble during the day and night while left alone. The owner was tired of cleaning up messes and smells after work and turned him over to AZ Schnauzer Rescue.

He arrived in pretty good shape, but had a lump on his shoulder that had to be removed. Not cancer.
He stayed with us for only a week or so before getting moved to a new foster home. This wasn't Derby's fault though... One day I came home from work to find FIVE schnauzers in the house. That was just to much chaos for me and I "asked" my wife to limit fostering to one schnauzer at a time.
Since then we have pretty much stuck to that system. Keeping Obi and one foster dog. From time to time we have had three at home due to emergency situations.
Derby was moved to a new foster home and they loved him so much they adopted him.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Ziggy came to us from a great home and they were heart-broken to have to give him up because of health problems in the family. We soon understood why... we were heart-broken to give him up too!
Ziggs was extra-awesome. Mellow, loving, content and HUNGRY. Our own schnauzer Obi learned some good doggy social skills from this foster dog.

Ziggy chillin' in his crate while Ninja is hiding behind him (trying to escape the camera).

Ziggy ready for the AZ Schnauzer Rescue Halloween Picnic.

Our three daughters have especially missed this one. They talked about him for months because he was such a big ball of love. We have had the good luck of watching him for a weekend while his new owners' vacationed.