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Friday, May 27, 2011


Returned from a week of work out of town to some BIG changes!

Travis is gone now, adopted by a family he was very happy to meet. Here the girls say goodbye to an awesome foster dog.
Below Travis is all fancied up and on his way to meet his new home.
Bye Trav, we love you!!!

Millie has also moved on to a new foster home. She made good progress while she was here. At first she was fearful of all of us but after a few days she turned into my Velcro dog. Anywhere I went, there was little Millie. She also loved the treadmill. She would do a slow pace for a good 30 minute. She moved to a new foster home that can help her continue to strengthen her legs and increase agility.
Millie has been replaced by another female named Simone. Simone has amazing coloring! She ruled the roost and needs to learn some manners and then she will be a beautiful, perfect family dog.

The other change is that while I was gone my wife adopted a new schnauzer for our very own. A GIANT schnauzer. She is 10 months old and we have not named her yet.

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