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We are an Arizona Schnauzer Rescue foster home with two parents, three kids, a schnauzer and most of the time a foster dog. Read about the rescued dogs and our experiences with them in this blog.
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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dog Food

What do you feed your mini-schnauzer?

I like this website for dog food analysis:

Look up your food and see what they say. My only complaint about this site is that it is too focused on "meat product" with less attention given to proper balance of protein, fat and others.

AZ Schnauzer Rescue recommends Solid Gold Hund-n-flocken' for mini-schnauzers. Why? While it is not ranked among the highest stars in the dogfoodanalysis website, it has lower fat than the top ranked foods which is important for schnauzers. Over several years and many many schnauzers, this food works very well with the breed.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Puppy Pants

Another returning to the system schnauzer. She is a schnauzer mix (we can't figure out the non-schnauzer part) and very much a puppy. I can never remember her name so I just call her puppy pants.
She was too much trouble for her new home and they had to give her back to Schnauzer Rescue. This one is pure puppy energy! We had forgotten just how much energy puppies have!!! We have been working on the basics with her. Sit, stay, no jumping, no chewing, no biting, no, no no... (when I say "we" I mean my wife ok?).
Don't get me wrong about this one. She is a sweetheart and wants to please, but she is very much in her puppy phase right now.

Another problem has been allergies. Since she is not pure schnauzer, I do react to her like I do other dogs.

Return Visit

Sometimes foster dogs end up back in the system for one reason or another and need a foster home until a new home can be found. A new family had already been located and since they live close to us we agreed to evaluate this pair and see how they behaved. We had these two for a single night before and so the kids were happy to see them again.

They were adopted out a few days later since they were fairly well behaved.

A quick in and out since there were no health issues or major behavioral issues.

I did not get very good pictures of them...

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Shave and a hair cut

Travis returned from the vet all neutered up and shaved down. Wow he looked different! We really love his coloring.

With all his dreadlocks gone, we were able to better see his body language. It doesn't take a dog whisperer to know that he was terrified of people. Poor guy :-(
Below is a pic while we very sweetly and gently call for him to come to us.

Which he finally did. He quickly became attached to our middle daughter and he would follow her around when ever possible, and when not possible he would find a spot with as much of her smell as possible.

Of course he still spent his days watching fish tanks and TV.
For a while we had to cover my tank stand, but he has now been trained to not jump up and scratch the wood. He is eager to please once he figures out what you want.

As the weeks passed he became more and more comfortable with us and began to trust us and really became part of our pack.
Even Obi accepted him as a full member of the pack!
Our whole family has fully fallen in love with Travis. He is pure teddy bear and loves to sit with you and get all the love he can. It has been a real privilege to help this schnauzer learn to trust and love people. In return he has given just as much back to us.
One thing to note... Travis does not play! We have tried to get him interested in toys and Obi has tried to get him interested in dog play but he won't do it.