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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Braveheart Update

Braveheart has made much progress in socialization and family integration and is at a very adoptable state.  He is no longer fearful to come up to people... in fact we are trying to discourage jumping up to meet people now!  He is no longer scared to come in through the door, he proudly trots in, head high with some secret agenda. ;-)

We have no doubt that Brave would fit well into any kind family with kids who like to play with and love up dogs.  He is a great mix of play with me, cuddle with me.

He has also learned some basic manners with "sit", "stay" commands and to do those two things while waiting for his food to be prepared.


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Good Citizen Bella

Congrats to Bella on passing her Canine Good Citizenship test and also to Shae who did the majority of the work in getting her ready for the test.  Bella has really turned around in the last six months thanks to Shae's efforts.

How about Obi's training?  He is too busy doing this.