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Saturday, August 20, 2011


Sneaker is a very schnauzery schnauzer.  He is everything you would think of when you think mini-schnauzer.  He is cute and loveable, a little grumpy, expressive, quirky, playful and awesome. 

Sneaker was the victim of a divorce and was found starving and over heated in a foreclosed, empty house.  The neighbors heard him yelping for days and finally called the police.  Needless to say, the poor little guy had some major abandonment fears for the first week or two at our house.  If he was left in a room alone he would whine and yip non-stop and had a couple of bad nights getting used to his crate. 

He eventually gained his confidence back and settled down into a perfect pack member and we will be sad to see him go. 

Sneaker had to wear the "big cone" after his neutering and it left him with neck sores. 

We ditched the cone and had to come up with another solution. :-) 

Oh yes... Sneaker has a heck of an under-bite that makes him look tough. 


  1. Handsome guy! So glad those neighbors called the police and that Sneakers is safe and sound!