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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Anna (Walter's Sister)

On the same day Walter found a home, we found out that Anna, Walter's sister, had been at the animal hospital for the past month with no foster home.  We asked to take her home and foster her so she could start learning some manners and get socialized. 
Anna resembled Walter so much that the next morning I let her out of the crate with a "good morning Walter!", before remembering it wasn't Walter in there anymore.  :-(  Her behavior was drastically different from Walter's though.  It took Anna about two weeks to start acting like a pack-dog and we believe she was in "shell shock" from being in the kennels for a month.
Once her personality started to emerge we all feel in love with her, but for different reasons than with Walter.  She do funny things like scrape against the whole length of the walls as she walked down the hall.  She would sometimes do the most amazing feats of acrobatics while dog playing.  Anna would always ensure that all dog toys and shoes were equally distributed around the house. 

We could not be happier with the family that decided to adopt Annie.  True dog lovers who work hard to give their dogs a rich life.  She will love it there and we are happy to have been a stepping stone for her. 

Bye Anna!