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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Travis With Dreadlocks

Our decision to not keep Jayden so we could continue helping other dogs was immediately rewarded. Soon after Jayden left us, Travis arrived. In a word... neglect. This guy had not been cut, combed or cared for in anyway. I have often wondered what mini schnauzers would look like with no human grooming, and now I know.

Looking at his legs you get an idea of the amount of matting he has. Matting so bad it was more like dreadlocks.

The worst of it was his left flank. The entire side was one giant mat which you can sort of make out below.
I got him into the tub and washed him up good... twice. That was some serious funk coming from those dreadlocks!
Our first impressions on his personality? Meek, humble, scared and in desperate need of affection.

Here he is a week later with his eye brows trimmed back a bit so we could see his eyes. We tried cutting back his dreadlocks but he was so scared we had to stop.

His vet appointment went well. No health issues and the vet decided the best thing would be shave him down while under for his neutering.
Once we trusted Travis on our carpet he soon found and became obsessed with our fish tanks.


  1. I can't wait to hear and see updates.

  2. HI! Has Travis been adopted yet? I have Mickey Mouse also an AZ schnauzre rescue --can you tell me more?? Hugs, Patty in AZ