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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Adoption Days

Last weekend our family attended a big pet adoption and blessing day.  Here are some random pictures from our wanderings.  Look at all those hopeful faces! 

AZ Schnauzer Rescue Booth


Our foster dog Annie, working her "adopt me" face.  She found a home and will be moving out in a couple of weeks!

Blessing of the animals

I was surprised to see several Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

Giant Schnauzer, not loving the heat

Harvey :-)

"Take me home" eyes anyone?

Great Pyrenees

Brittany Spaniel

St. Bernard


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Something Different

I have always been in love with the breed of Irish Wolfhound so when an opportunity came along to foster a wolfhound mix we had to say "yes please!".
McKell Said "I don't understand how he can be SO SCRUFFY and SO CUTE at the same time!"

This is Walter.  A Giant Schnauzer, Irish Wolfhound mix.  Isn't he great?
Walter, thinking hard
He was picked up with his litter mates as strays in Las Vegas.  Obviously the breeder was unable to sell them and decided to kick the whole litter of puppies to the streets.
Wally was sick with kennel cough and a VERY runny nose for two or three weeks and he spent a lot of time resting.
He was also underweight and we did our best to fatten him up with high calorie kibble and satin balls.
We really fell in love with Wally Walter McWalterson and had several family discussions on whether we should adopt him ourselves.  In the end, we decided the most responsible thing to do was to let him go so we could continue to foster.  My inner-child hates "being responsible".  I really wanted to keep this guy!  He always made me laugh.

Wally has been adopted by a great family in California.  We feel good about being able to turn his life around from starving homeless puppy to loved Cali beach dog.

(video of Wally badness)
If you have problems with the above video, you can view it directly here:

What is next? Well, I was heart-broken to hear that Walter's sister has not had a foster home and has been at the Vet's office this whole time.  So we took her home to love her up (sorry Gail). 
Her name is Anna, but today I am four years old so I call her "Not The Walter".