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We are an Arizona Schnauzer Rescue foster home with two parents, three kids, a schnauzer and most of the time a foster dog. Read about the rescued dogs and our experiences with them in this blog.
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Thursday, March 22, 2012

New Camera

I purchased a new (point and shoot) camera and have been trying to work out some kinks with it.  I have been fighting with some auto focus and shutter speed settings, but here are some fun results. 
I think I need to stop proudly using my max zoom lens and get out into the middle of the yard for better clarity.

Obi, our alpha dog enjoying the perfect morning
Puppy does what mamma does (grazing)

RAWR!  (I WISH this was in perfect focus)

Bella in profile


Saturday, March 17, 2012


Braveheart arrives
This little guy came to our home with huge fear issues.  As soon as he saw any of us he would slink away and hide under patio furniture or a table if in the house.  At first I started calling him King Arthur because my first thought was the scene from "The Holy Grail" by Monty Python where they are fighting the bunny and King Arthur yells out "RUN AWAY, RUN AWAY!". 

In the tub, rub-a-dub
But after some time I saw that he really did want to be brave and was trying very hard to be brave and for him was doing some very brave things.  So instead, one day I started to call him Braveheart, and it stuck.

Post-grooming, sporting a sweater to stay warm
He is now at the point where he is eager to see us and runs up to greet us, inside and out.  He loves attentions and loves to plays with dogs and acts like a normal rough and tumble puppy. Braveheart has even settled down with his separation anxiety he first had when left in a room by himself.  In general, he is making very good progress to being a happy, brave, puppy!
Backyard playtime

We all like to hang out with Braveheart.  He is both playful and loving and humorous.  He is recovering from his neutering now and should be very adoptable in a couple of weeks...  and!  no house accidents!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sir Charles

The rescue of Sir Charles is an example of how amazing AZ Schnauzer Rescue and its supporters are!

Charles arrives at our house.

Sir Charles is a puppy who was diagnosed with liver shunt and required a major operation if he was going to live.  His owners contacted AZ Schnauzer Rescue, but in the end this little guy was dropped off at the pound.  Charles did make his way to the schnauzer rescue and to the vet where the decision was made to go ahead with the operation despite the high cost.
Posing for his pre-grooming photo.

Charlie spent a month at AZ Schnauzer Rescue "HQ" healing after the operation before spending a week in our home.  Here, we groomed him up, loved him up, and adopted him out. 

The grooming, graciously endured.
I'm happy to report that Charlie got a fantastic family and that the family got a real gem of a puppy!

Charlie relaxing after his hair cut.

One of the best behaved puppies we have ever had in our home!

(and cutest)