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Saturday, August 18, 2012

A "Little" Change

Remember Walter and Annie? They started it.  A brother and sister mix from Las Vegas, half Irish wolfhound and half giant schnauzer.  As soon as Walter was adopted we started fostering Annie, but knew we were going to have to have an Irish wolfhound of our own.

We started looking, but it took a good deal of research, hunting, waiting and luck to get our hands on our own Irish wolfhound puppy.
Now that we have a full house with our original mini-schnauzer, our adopted giant schnauzer and now our Irish wolfhound, we will no longer be fostering in our home.  Shae is still involved with AZ Schnauzer Rescue with volunteer grooming and other non-fostering activities.

As for blogging, updates to this blog will be less frequent, later I plan to start a new blog once our Irish wolfhound completes his training and certification as a therapy dog.

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